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In a traditional house in the center of Skiathos town, situated in a garden full of trees and flowers, you will find one of the most beautiful Greek restaurants on the island

Our focus is on offering a genuine warm welcome and allowing you to create beautiful memories in the most pleasant of settings

For us the cuisine is, above all, ‘memory’, pleasure and hospitality


Marmita opened in 2013 on the island of Skiathos, serving real Greek food in an idyllic setting .We specialise in contemporary Greek cuisine and lean heavily on the use of fresh, local ingredients combined with traditional recipes to create a delicious menu full of flavor. Our aim is to take you on a journey through the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine



Real authentic cooking is what we believe makes the difference. We provide good, honest food. The fresh ingredients, seasonality and regional home grown products and healthy recipes are crucial to the way we understand cooking and run our kitchen. Everything we do is created and presented in an elegant way. Our menu has a unique and appealing identity.


The cooking process is a result of scientific knowledge, years of experience, but most of all respect to the products that we use. We follow many traditional processes when creating, adapting and cooking our dishes. We like to offer a menu that tastes like our parents’ home cooking


For many years we have been continually striving to improve the experience we offer our guests.  To achieve this we are committed to expanding our knowledge, as well as discovering new techniques and experiences which allow us to offer to Marmita’s visitors a unique experience


Our head chef, Marsel Shyti had the unique opportunity to work in Arzak  restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. This experience allowed him to learn a huge amount of new and specialist skills whilst working in a very demanding environment. The knowledge gained from this experience is testament to our efforts to constantly improve our offering at Marmita restaurant

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