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Going to this restaurant was one of my holiday projects and I am pleased as punch that we managed to find it.Actually once you have found it you will notice ,for the rest of your holiday, that there are helpful little signs all over the place pointing you in the right direction if only you had been observant enough to spot them ! Funny thing that ..
The food is traditional Greek with a modern imaginative twist which just gives it an edge and makes it more memorable. I had the most moist and , plumply succulant portion of Rabbit that ever hopped out of a mountain burrow and nibbled sprigs of wild oregano in the cool of an evening ..It was gently cooked and seductively lulled to tenderness in the "sweet wine from Samos" Magnifico ! Terrific ! Memorable !!”


“Hands down the best food in Skiathos and one of the best places I have ever eaten in Greece. All dishes were extremely well cooked and well presented. A great deal of thought has gone into the menu which offers traditional food with a twist. The staff was friendly and helpful and extremely professional. Marmita offers a high quality yet relaxing dining experience. I would highly recommend a visit!”
"Uno dei migliori ristoranti in cui sia stata...location carina, totalmente all'aperto (se piove il ristorante è chiuso)... piatti molto gustosi e ben presentati!...da alcuni tavoli si può vedere la cucina e vedere lavorare i cuochi è spettacolare!!! professionalità e pulizia sono di casa...insomma andateci... io ci sono stata ad agosto e settembre e non appena tornerò sull'isola non mancherò di far tappa qui... il personale è gentile ed il prezzo giusto!!!"


'' It is an encouraging trend. Young restaurateurs and chefs cherishing and deftly using their best local ingredients to show pride and skill in their traditional culinary base and taking it to a new level of art. This is a pretty courtyard restaurant near the center of Skiathos town. It avoids the touristy clichés. Clearly better than most competition and showing subtle riffs on the standard repertoire. Next time in Skiathos, this is where we will start.
''Siamo stati li in tre coppie ed abbiamo mangiato benissimo. la moussaka è fenomenale la migliore che abbia mai mangiato e la Grecia l ho girata un bel po. Il proprietario parla molto bene italiano ed è di una gentilezza enorme. Non si può andare a Skiathos senza passare anche solo per una sera dal Marmita, noi ci siamo stati per tre sere e ci saremmo tornati volentieri peccato che fossero finiti i giorni disponibili. Consigliatissimo''


Atmosphere service and yummy food and wine! For us this small restaurant had everything that we love about Greece.I found it recommended on trip advisor and wasps glad that we went.”


“Food feeds the soul. To the extent that we all eat food, and we all have souls, Marmita’s food is the one that has been consistently feeding our island soul for the latest summers, for sure! Authenticity, rich taste, high quality & diversity of fresh ingredients and recipes, all carefully prepared with great passion, exceptional culinary skills, delight and dedication are just some of the reasons that bring us back to enjoy some more dinners every single summer. This May, we have also experienced some new unexpected combinations of exquisite ingredients and some new pastry surprises with a wide variety of consistencies, sometimes thin translucent sheets, sometimes more crumby and richer, a perfect end of our "food therapy" dinner.''

''Rapport qualité - prix excellent. Un seul regret, quitter le restaurant sans pouvoir tout gouter. Tout y est absolument délicieux:Le personnel, le cadre et une cuisine qui donne envie d'y venir encore et encore et encore''

''En fantastisk restaurant med veldig god mat og hyggelig betjening. En restaurant man garantert har lyst til å besøke igjen.
Etter mange turer til Hellas og utallige besøk på mange forskjellige steder, så er Marmita en av de beste greske restaurantene jeg har besøkt!''
''Das war bis jetzt unser Highlight. Großartiges Restaurant, tolles Ambiente, Wahnsinns Küche!
Wie schätzen die lockere und junge Atmosphäre, ein absolut freundliches Personal, und was das großartigste ist, die sensationelle Küche. Griechische Hausmannskost mit dem gewissen Extra, dem Pfiff, dem Hammer''
È stato uno dei posti dove siamo tornati la seconda volta a cena pur avendo cenato sempre in ristoranti di alto livello durante la nostra settimana di permanenza sull isola. Personale gentile ma non affettato, cucina greca tipica leggera, delicata e attenta ai sapori e ai prodotti del territorio. La moussaka più buona per noi è quella di Marmita. Irrinunciabile!!!


''Estuvimos en Skiathos 5 noches y las 5 cenamos en este encantador lugar. La primer noche no teníamos reserva pero nos prometieron que en una hora tendríamos una mesa disponible y así lo cumplieron. Quedamos encantados con la calidez del lugar, la calidad de los platos y la amable atención de todo el personal.''

''Visited with our two little girls. A tremendous location in a courtyard under grapevines. Lovely rustic decor and ambience. We were made to feel very welcome. The food was amazing for a little restaurant on a small Greek island. We have been in 3 AA rosette establishments back in the UK which have not been up to this standard. Our girls were given colouring books to keep them happily occupied. Amazing squid starter and a lot of it! Delicious all the way through to the main course and a very nice house white to go with it. Congratulations and keep it up! We will return for sure.''

''Το μαγαζί βρίσκεται σε μια όμορφη αυλή σε ένα στενό της οδού Παπαδιαμάντη.Η διακόσμηση του ήταν απαλή, με πολύ γούστο και πραγματικά σε χαλάρωνε σε συνδυασμό με την υπέροχη μουσική. Η εξυπηρέτηση μοναδική..παρόλο που υπήρχαν τραπέζια στην πρώτη αυλή, μας πήγαν στο τραπέζι που θέλαμε στην πίσω αυλή. Ευγενέστατοι, χαμογελαστοί και προπάντων εξυπηρετικοί. Ήταν όλα θέμα σαβουάρ βιβ!!!!Παραγγείλαμε για πρώτα πιάτα τοματοκεφτέδες με μάραθο και φέτα και σαλάτα με κινόα, δημητριακά, αβοκάντο, ραπανάκια και άλλα διάφορα λαχανικά.Για κυρίως κουνέλι και ξιφία αλλά Σπετζιόζα και εκτός από τα προσφερόμενο γλυκό τους (μους γιαουρτιού με χειροποίητη μαρμελάδα βερίκοκο και βασιλικό), δοκιμάσαμε και μιλφειγ με φύλλα μπακλαβά και κρέμα πατισερί. Περιττό να πω πως όλα ήταν νοστιμότατα, καλομαγειρεμένα και πολύ προσεγμένα, όπως και όλα τους τα πιάτα. Υπήρχε μια μεγάλη ποικιλία πιάτων καθώς και κρασιών να επιλέξεις, εμείς πήραμε ένα πολύ ωραίο ροζέ τσάνταλη. Πραγματικά ήταν η τέλεια εμπειρία να κλείσουμε τις διακοπές μας και είναι προς τιμήν του νησιού να υπάρχει ένα τόσο ξεχωριστό εστιατόριο. Οι τιμές είναι πολύ καλές αν αναλογιστεί κανείς το είδος του και βέβαια πρέπει να κάνεις κράτηση από νωρίς!!!

''Besökte restaurangen i början av juli 2016. Första kvällen vi gick dit var det fullbokat så vi bokade till kvällen därpå (boka alltid i förväg alltså!). Trevlig, vänlig och snabb service. Man sitter på en avskärmad innergård omgiven av hus och murar med blommor och träd runtomkring. Maten är toppklass bland det vi ätit på Skiathos och vin erbjuds till mycket rimliga priser. Vi tog ett prisbelönt vitt vin som kostade 17€ för en hel flaska - toppengott! Måltiden avslutad med att restaurangen bjuder på en liten efterrätt, precis när vi funderade på att beställa något litet. Mycket uppskattat!''

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