Private dining  


A sensational fully immersive dining experience 


Our aim is to offer a memorable, immersive culinary experience reflected through the unique setting, theme and of course, the food.  We strive to deliver an experience that will delight each and every one of your senses

We offer you a moment of complete gastronomic pleasure, with every sensation and emotion melted into one chord of well being 


Choose from an inspired selection of delightful outdoor venues and locations (alternatively we can visit your private residence for more a more intimate experience) plus a wide variety of delicious menus and allow us to offer you the ultimate multisensory dining experience


Our experienced event planning team will work with you to tailor your event to meet your every requirement down to the very last detail, exceeding all expectations

We offer a selection of seasonal, bespoke sensory tasting menus plus a choice of fixed menus.

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